9 Arizona backyard ideas

Arizona is located in the southwest U.S. popularly known for its hot and dry climate, and because of that it becomes extremely essential for us to plan our backyard properly, one can go for two options when it comes to designing your backyard , first and foremost go for the plan which involves lots of greeny and pools just opposite of the climate we have or else go with the style that Arizona already have and enhance it better with desert landscaping idea and give it more realistic look.

To add to these two options we have 9 unique ideas that will enhance the beauty of your backyard and tempt you to stay there for a longer time.

1. "GO GREEN" - where grass won't grow?

Due to the hot and dry weather in Arizona, it has become difficult to grow plants and go for the green backyards, but to add those looks and touch, here is a tip for the kind of grass and trees we can grow to give us that go green experience.

Artificial grass can work like magic when it comes to backyard design, it requires low maintenance and even on hot and dry days it looks vibrant and green, you can also add green for practicing golf.

Growing desert trees like MUSEUM PALO VERDE, SISSOO, CHILEAN MESQUITE, TIPU, VITEX, WILLOW ACACIA, etc. will help you style the backyard with “go green” theme.

2. Flower accents and hedges

Adding some flowering plants along with the go green theme will help you get that dynamic look and give a wow factor to your backyard.

You can go for low maintenance flower beds like desert sage if you are a fan of poppy colors like purple or blue, dune evening primrose if you want to add classic white feel to your backyard, California poppy they are the wild ones which go well with artificial grass.

Hedges also help you get that sophisticated feel in your backyard with gorgeous pops of green; one can customize it according to their level of liking, usually people go for classic option boxwood hedge.

3. Small swimming pool

We know how the weather in Arizona is, hot and dry and building a swimming pool near the backyard and the view of crystal clear water will tempt anyone to jump in the middle of sunny days.

you can also place hedges near the swimming pool to add more value to your backyard and make it look worth a while.

4. Dessert backyard

If you want to stick to the style of what Arizona already is, then having a dessert backyard decoration will help you get that look, Arizona backyard looks perfect with sandy soil and to add more we can also go for options like planting a few desserts plants such as cactus and succulents because this kind of plant save water in its own body and require less maintenance all you need to do is arrange them properly and this can become the highlight of your backyard.

5. Artifical oasis

If you are not a big fan of swimming pool then artificial oasis is the best option for you, this will give an amazing look to your backyard.

Artifical oasis will give you a look similar to a pool or else you can surround your pond with some big rocks and this will make your backyard look gorgeous.

6. Quality time

After planning what your backyard will look like, don’t forget to add one thing that will help you to get all the fun of that amazing decoration and more importantly make you happy, don’t forget to add a patio so that you can enjoy your leisure time with your loved ones or read an amazing book with that beautiful view.

If it’s not a patio you can always go for small chairs and tables or even better go for swing that will just add on to the beauty of your backyard.

7. Backyard lighting ideas

Backyard lighting helps you to add to the beauty that you see in the day time, it has the power and magic to convert your backyard more beautiful in the night.

you can enjoy two different views of backyard both in day time as well as night time.

8. Patio design

we all love spending time with loved ones and having a small patio in your backyard will help you achieve this, you can never go wrong with patio and nowadays you can get various designs on patio in your budget.

Having a patio will give you time where you can relax and sit with your loved ones and enjoy with them.

9. Add colors

We all love color! and what can be more beautiful if we can add some colors to our backyard and give our eyes some treat, but the question arises, how? so here’s the answer to all the questions we have so we can add colorful furniture, add some color pots, colorful rug to your patio, paint a wall, and use some decorative tiles to go with the colorful theme.