Best Donut maker for kitchen -2019 Buying Guide

Best Donut makers 2019

Donuts are the best dessert food in Whole World. In US Alone 10 Billion Donuts are eaten every year. The doughnut is popular in many countries and prepared in various forms as a sweet snack that can be homemade or purchased in bakeries, supermarket, food stalls and franchised especially vendor. One thing that we can’t have enough of as Americans are Americano Coffee with some donuts. That’s something we do for relaxing our bodies after a stressful day.

But as much as we love our coffee and donuts, and getting the coffee from freshly roasted beans and donuts that are freshly fried or baked whether it is from Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme, at some point you might have thought of making it at your own home.

We mean, why not? If you can learn the way to make soft heavenly donuts, that just means not only can you have donuts after a hard day at work, but also can have donuts at home.

Just the thought of this really excites us, not to mention you save a lot of money and possibly make donuts that are much healthier and tastes better than the ones bought from bakeries or coffee shops.

For you, we have compiled a non-biased list of Best Donut makers for your kitchen shelf, which not only saves money for you but at the same time gets you fresh home-made donuts.

1. Throwback (60047) Countertop Mini Cupcake Donut Maker.



This Throwback’s countertop mini cupcake donut is not only a donut maker but also doubles up like a waffle maker for your kitchen. This stainless steel countertop electric baker means, a dozen mini cupcakes or mini donuts or waffle sticks can be made in a single batch of baking. Featuring a 1400 watt heating system to help you quick baking, this donut maker also comes with 6 interchangeable non-stick cooking plates which can be easily removed for quick cleanup of the machine. This 3-in-1 Treat Baker turns out a dozen mini-sized snacks to your specifications in 8 minutes or less. You can choose your own ingredients, thereby using less sugar or your own brand of organic flour, or go even go for gluten-free products for a treat which is perfect for you.

This slim, compact unit is easy to store when not in use. The Box for this machine includes everything you need
to start baking:

1.A squeeze bottle for dispensing batters and glazes
2.Set of recipes.
This machine proves to be great for parties or even just for an afternoon snack.

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2. Brentwood RA25986 Appliances TS-250 Donut maker

This Brentwood donut maker has amazing features. Firstly, it comes in pink color and also is a non-stick machine. This powerful 750 watts Brentwood TS-250 Donut maker can bake up to 7 perfect mini donuts in just a few minutes. Impress your kids, friends, and family with delicious varieties of mini donuts, brownies, cakes, muffins and more.
The weight of this donut maker is just 3.29 pounds making it highly portable and easy to carry machine. It also comes with power and preheats indicator lights to inform you when the plates are hot and ready. It’s vertical feet and cable wrap allows the unit to stand upright for incredibly small storage and tight spaces.

This Cool Donut maker comes with a safety feature, where this mini donut maker will automatically shut off
when it senses overheating of the machine.

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3.Chef Buddy Hot Donut Maker

This Chef Buddy Hot Doughnut Maker comes in two fantastic color variations light baby blue and pure white.
The most interesting part about having a doughnut maker has to be the fact that doughnut preparation can turn into a family routine on Sunday mornings when each member of the family is free of school or work and wishes to partake in some family bonding time because we all need and deserve it.

This Chef buddy hot donut maker comes with non-stick coating and can cook 7 pieces of 2-inch diameter donuts at once. This machine also comes with power on indicator light, ready to cook indicator light thereby not keeping you waiting in front of the machine for minutes waiting for it to heat.
The donut maker also has an easy to open and cool.

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