Best Garden Umbrella to buy in 2019


Which Garden umbrella should I buy for my house?

I believe this is the question all of us face while hopping on to shop for a garden umbrella which is sturdy, looks good and solves the purpose.

After doing my little research on the internet, I can safely say that treasure garden umbrella wins the top spot in my research.

But I know, not everyone will agree to my research and may have their own opinions and views on this So, I will go ahead and review the top and best-rated garden umbrella’s available in the market.

1. Abba Patio Sunbrella Umbrella

This Abba Patio umbrella(LInk) is 9 ft. in diameter (enough to cover a table that sits 4) and has auto tilt feature ( useful when the sun doesn’t want to leave you ) and this umbrella company claims for 98% UV protection so the sunlight that penetrates is safe for you. It is sufficient in size, sturdy and can be bought without a blink of an eye. 




2.Sundale Solar Umbrella with LED lights

3.8 out of 5

Sundale Umbrella(L) also a 9ft covering (good for family of 4) umbrella and comes with a really cool feature of LED lights . This looks amazing during sunset and evening time as bright LED lights come into life.

The best thing is that you won’t have to recharge as they are solar powered lights and also warterproof.


come with LED lights

Waterproof material

Easy Cranking System


Discoloration of Cnopy may happen

Plastic materials not enough sturdy

LED lights may turn off suddenly

3.Treasure Garden

4.5 out of 5

This has ranked on top for this list and it has got reasons to bag that position. This is a super sturdy,high quality material and waterproof garden umbrella and one cannot go wrong purchasing this umbrella. they are heavy weight umbrellas so they wont fly away when it is too windy.


1.sturdy material

2. Many colors available

3.spare parts easily available

4. Last long in all kind of use


1.may not fit all bases

4.Trademark innovations Half Umbrella

4.1 out of 5 stars

This is a very unique half umbrella ,which is perfect for small spaces like condos,balcony’s or back of the houses. This unique umbrella comes in various colors and sizes and is sturdy and can stand on half bases made for umbrellas to cover up all the space.


1.good for small spaces

2.comes in various colors

3. made with high quality and sturdy material


  1. cannot be shifted to other big places
  2. balancing can sometimes be an issue

5.Bayside Thatched Tiki Umbrella

4.4 out of 5

This is a very very unique umbrella and a personal favirite on this list. It gives an ethnic or hawaain feel .the color does not go away and is big enough to give you ample of sun shade.This will be a pefect addition to your garden essentials as you can enjoy beach feel even when living in a land locked area.


1.unique structure design


3.easy to crank up


1.can be blown away in medium winds

2.cannot match everyone’s expection with unique design

3.thatch may go scarce after a while.

Why Garden Umbrellas?

Garden Umbrella’s give a calm and good feel to your whole setup and also gives sunshade during day times. For some it is super essential garden accessory for some it may be a show piece.

is it difficult to crank up these umbrellas?

Most of these umbrella’s are easy to setup and easy to crank up ,but yes it maybe a little hard for older people or young kids.

What happens if my umbrella is broken?

There are spare parts available on amazon(L) for most of them and you can replace them easily.

Are these umbrella’s waterproof?

Most of them are waerproof and go to be used in swimming pools but if you are looking for specifically swimming pool umbrellas you can get a whole lot of variety to choose from ,here(L).

I look forward to hearing from you all in the comments.

It’s your comments and love that motivates me to keep writing these honest reviews.