Top 9 best induction Cooktops for your kitchen in 2019- Buying Guide

Induction Burner

In the induction cooking, the pan is heated by magnetic field rays unlike traditional gas cooktop where the heating is done through butane or other gas or even like electric cooktop where a coil is heated and heat is transferred to the bottom of the utensil.

With an induction stovetop, the entire bottom of the pan or the cooking utensils heats up thereby giving equal heat to all material in the pan thereby leaving no need to fit your pan to the burner.

It has been proven that Induction cooking is upto 60 percent more efficient than a gas stovetop , In a traditional gas cooktop the sides of the utensil is heated by uneven distribution of the flame leading to more use of energy.

Today we are compiling a detailed guide of best induction cooktops available in the market . We will ensure to keep this guide updated regularly .

Best Induction Cooktops for home kitchen

This Empava Induction cooktop comes with a space of 4 utensils, it’s flawless smooth tempered glass surface allows for effortless cleanup and easy maintenance.

This Induction cooktop comes with hot surface indicator in which an "H" will appear in the surface cooking area display if the cooktop surface area is too hot to touch.

There are 9 heat level settings which allow you ranging from melt to rapid boil, digital touch controls lets you accurately control your heating.


  • 3000W elements on th rear left, 2100W on rear right and 1500W elements in front.
  • Comes with hot indicator to save you from burns.
  • Toughened Glass Surface for Durability.
“This induction cooktop is a third of the price of others and performs just as well as the name brands. Installation was easy (fortunately the cut-out in the granite countertop accommodated this unit). ”


  • Price - It is priced reasonably and comes with all modern features
  • Looks- It has got modern looks and looks stunning on the kitchen top.
  • Hot Indicator- helps you to save yourself from burns.


  • Some users have faced installation difficulty due to unclear wiring diagram.

True Induction cooktops are like no other in the industry. With simple and intuitive controls and power maximizing technology, this cooktop will get you gourmet results with speed previously unattainable.

This induction has got very fast operation timings and also claims to boil water in under a minute’s time. It is made out of one single toughened glass slab thereby giving an unmatched durability.

This True Induction cooktop comes with a patented power sharing technology as well as numerous safety features which includes auto pan detect among other features. This induction cooktop is also compatible with most stainless steel and cast iron cookware. A optimal cookware to be used wit this cooktop should have a flat bottom and a diameter of 4.5″ – 10″ inches.


  • Dimensions of 23.5" W x 14" L x 2 1/2" H.
  • Temperature range from 150°F - 450°F and heat settings which could be varied from 1-10.
  • 1800Watts with Patented Power Sharing technology.


  • Made Out of single toughened glass slab for durability
  • Patented Power Sharing Technology
  • Easy Operation and quick water boiling.


  • Customer support is not readily available in case of installation help.
  • Sometimes the bottom food layer can burn leaving top layer uncooked.

This Dual 120V Electric Induction Cooker from Nutrichef is of 1800w and has a dual heating zone capability. This kitchen tabletop burner by NutriChef features two top panel circular heating zone which comes with independent adjustable temperature settings which helps you cook 2 dishes at the same time.

It’s top is stain resistant which helps in keeping is prickly clean.

The control panel on this counter top cooker is equipped with sensor touch controls and digital LCD display screen for a hassle free cooking and it also comes with a countdown timer setting option for precise cooking.

The ENERGY SAVER option in this cook top makes cooking easier and faster, It cooks food by using electromagnets so no heat is lost between the cooking surface and the pot which makes it highly energy efficient.


  • Touch controls- helps in easy operation of the cooktop.
  • Timer setting- Helps to free yourself to do other cooking and kitchen stuff.
  • Quick heating- easy to boil water and to do other quick cooking.


  • Stain resistant- it’s cooktop remains always clean due to this technology
  • Reputed brand-Being from nutrichef’s stable gives a mental assurance to the buyer.


  • Installation- installing it may not be super easy and may require expert help.

This Duxtop LCD 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 9600LS is over the counter induction cooktop and is a single utnesil device which means you can only use it to cook one dish at a time. It is not doubt one of the best choice for your kitchen .

The Aestethic looks along with LCD Panel and child lock system makes it a preferred choice for the kitchen, This cooktop comes with a Fast Boil button as well as a Keep Warm button which helps to quickly boil water or other liqueids and also once it is boiled or cooked helps to keep it warm for longer duration.

This Duxtop Induction Cooktop uses 120 volts, 15 amps of electricity which is standard in all homes ,also It is Lightweight and compact for easy handling and storage.


  • Temperature ranges from 100°F to 460°F;
  • 20 power levels from 100-1800Watts with 5 ft cord.
  • Child lock helps in safe operation
  • keep cool and keep warm feature.
  • Compatible with other induction ready cookware such as cast aluminum enameled iron and steel, stainless steel with a magnetic bottom, or cast iron.


  • Space saving- this is a single plate induction cooktop resulting in space saving.
  • Quick Boil and keep warm Feature to help quickly boil any liquid.
  • Child lock for safety for the minors.


  • Single plate-suitable for small families or individuals only.
  • Cooktop small for large utensils or bulk cooking.

This Sandoo HA1865 1800W induction cooktop has a portable and compact design.It has a Lightweight and compact size for easy storage, carrying and handling around anywhere.

Being induction cooker it does not release any heat which does not increase ambient temperature in your house or apartment.

This cooktop can operate at 17 power levels from 200W to 1800Watts, and also comes with 15 temperature range settings from 120F to 465F .

It’s inbuilt timer helps in low heat cooking or braising . There’s also an auto shut option in this machine which shuts off the machine if there’s no activity with it for 2 hours.

The fireproof plastic and polished crystal plate surface helps you to keep your children safer when cooking at home.


  • Suitable for induction cookware with a diameter of 4.73-10.24 in (12-26 cm).
  • Compatible with cast iron skillet, iron pan, iron plate, stainless steel pot, stainless steel kettle and other enameled iron and steel and cast iron cookware.
  • Auto Detection Technology- The auto detection will shut the unit off automatically after 10 seconds if no cookware or no right cookware.


  • Space saver- being a small size induction cooker it is a space saver.
  • High Quality Build- Fireproof plastic unit makes it safe for indoor usage.
  • Multiple timer and temperature variation helps to cook food in right time and temperature.


  • Size- Being a single plate cooktop,it may delay cooking for a bigger family.
  • Temperature reset -sometimes the temperature resets and if not noticed may spoil the food.

This Rosewill Induction Cooker 1800 Watt comes with 5 Pre-Programmed Settings: Warm Milk, Soup, Stir Fry, Fry, Hot Pot It’s polished A-grade crystal plate surface along with a large LED screen display which helps you operate it with ease.

It has got 8 Temperature settings ranging from 150 to 450 Degree : 150 Degree, 200 Degree, 250 Degree, 300 Degree, 350 Degree, 400 Degree, 425 Degree, 450 Degree.

This product Cooks with the power of a magnetic field, this induction cooker is very energy efficient cooktop, due to its magnetic property, your cookware heats up faster, thus saving you time, energy and money. It also features a beautiful polished crystal plate surface which comes with 1800 Watts of power and heats up to 450 Degree.

With the help of this Induction Cooktop, you can braise, fry, deep fry, stir fry, roast and yes, even boil water.


  • Various temperature settings helps in cooking all types of dishes
  • Auto cut off if no utensil is placed on the top in 10 seconds
  • Large LED display for easy and smooth operation.


  • 8 temperature settings
  • Can cook,fry,boil and do all type of cookings.
  • Easy to clean and operate.


  • Small size of the product makes it difficult to bulk cook or sometimes fry.
  • The length of cord that comes with it can be an issue with some users.

This Deik Induction Cooktop is a slim metal black induction which looks amazingly beautiful in your kitchen.

This machine heelps precisely choose your desired power from 200 W to 1800 W. It comes in 10 Temperature settings ranging from 140°F– 460°F.

This Deik induction cooktop can meet your various cooking needs like simmer cooking, deep fry, boil, sauté, sear, steam, slow cook and grill with ease.

The heating speed of this product is 40% higher than traditional gas or electric stoves.The cooktop surface measures a diameter of 8.6in (22cm) to fit frying pans with a diameter of 3.9-11.8in (10-30cm) which allows you to ensure a large and uniform heated area.

The compact and lightweight with a thickness of just 2.3in (6cm) is easy for transport and storage. This portable induction cooktop is perfect for dorm rooms, Home Kitchen, RV, Boats, and Gardens.


  • Portable- This is light weight and slim and can be carried everywhere for cooking.
  • Timer- to help you in ease of cooking it has got timer upto 180 minutes
  • Quick Boil- it has got initial high power to help you quickly boil water and other liquids.


  • Portable- Light weight machine makes it easy to carry and even use it for outdoor cooking.
  • Wide utnesil support- it is capable of cooking with all types of kithen utensils.
  • Various Temprature settings- It has got temperature setting variable from 200 to 1800W thereby giving you a range of cooking options.


After reviewing all types of Induction cookers we have come to a conclusion that there are 2 winners if you want to choose a good induction cooktop for kitchen.

If you have a big family and you cook multiple dishes at once then we would suggest you to go with Empava’s 4 plate induction cooktop

Or if you have a small family and do not want to replace your electric or gase cooktop yet and are just looking to explore or test how good induction cookers are then I would suggest you to start with Diek’s single induction cooktop